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Copywriter for

Job Descriptions:

- Oversee assignment and edit articles from reporters and creative writers.

- Work closely with Editor-in-Chief to help determine the content strategy.

- Develop Unique, interesting article idea and concept. Validate that content follows established guidelines, company standards, and prescribed format.

- Establish great communication, collaboration, and networking with local community and government.


Minimum Qualifications:

- Have the minimum of 2 years experience as a content editor at an online media company. Deep experience in the local media is a plus.

- Strong Journalism background with proven writing and editing skills, exceptional organizational skills, and highly experienced in managing writers.

- Have an excellent, demonstrated editorial skills - creative concepts and ability to work quickly and efficiently under pressure.

- Have a great network around the local government, private sectors, and local community (offline and online).


Send your application and CV to [email protected]


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